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Albert Fontana

Albert Fontana

Real Estate has been a major part of Albert’s interest and investment activity for almost 40 Years The first property he purchased at the age of 19 in Highgate Perth with his brother Frank for a mere $7,000 , this was his foray into the property market ,building a property portfolio , in the same period Albert and his brother commenced a small furniture retail business which developed into a large business employing 30 staff which became a household name ‘The Bedford Furniture Company’ which was well known within the period , commenced in 1972 with a duration of 30 years until the sell out of the business and properties which the Brothers owned and occupied to operate their retail showrooms , 2002 was the exit of furniture retailing. 

 Since the departure of furniture retailing , Albert continued with the Real Estate Investment of Diverse Categories covering Commercial , Industrial, Development Land , townhouse and apartment development, residential housing and residential subdivision. 

 Vast experience in the various and wide range categories of property investment , consulting and selling, established the knowledge and qualification to provide sound advice on property investment in all sectors of property . 

 Albert finds a great deal of enjoyment in just simply talking about Real Estate and always willing to provide honest advice on when and how you should select and purchase your property Property Trading is another area that Albert is well experienced and currently promoting , as this concept is well suited to properties that encounter resistance in selling in the normal market , property trading enables sellers to achieve their desired price and retain their equity in their property so please feel free to call Albert to discuss in detail.

 Albert is passionate and fully Committed to the Real Estate Industry and considers his job as a pleasure , hence why he is always eager to answer his phone for new enquiries and established clients . 

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Albert Fontana

Property Trade Specialist/Diverse Categories

10, 2 Lancaster St